Two nice looking churches

I’ve been to both of them too:

Church on the water, Hokkaido, Japan:


Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas:

7 thoughts on “Two nice looking churches

  1. Good move—so far, pretty pictures are my most popular content. Though I’m not sure that people who ‘like’ pretty pictures stick around for HBD-oriented commentary.

  2. It’s funny. Once you get into the habit of blogging you feel the need to post something with some regularity. And so you start posting random things that you like. If that’s what draws in the masses, then so much the better!

    • I know—and I’ve already caught myself a couple of times wanting to shy away from saying controversial things!

      Long term, carving out a niche might be better strategically. But I guess I post other stuff partly out of narcissism anyway, and it’s my blog, so whatever.

    • Hey Lily – yeah, I’d like to post more aesthetically pleasing stuff, but it turns out I have pretty limited knowledge in these areas….
      I had seen that one before – don’t know how I feel about it.

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