Racial preferences in online dating

Update: See also my post ‘Interracial relationships – who is attracted to who?‘ and also ‘Status and Interracial Marriages

OKCupid put up a blog post a while ago in which they analyzed how race affects rates of replies.

The below images show how the actual responses stack up against ‘expected’ responses (ie. corrected for all other factors). Redder = lower than expected response, greener = higher than expected response.

OKCupid also did a survey of who would ‘strongly’ prefer to date someone of their own race:

So, minority groups claimed to be much more open to interracial relationships – what’s driving this? Clearly these things are highly flexible. European men often took non-European wives over the last few hundred years as they traveled the world. But that could be driven by scarcity without changing underlying preference – even strong inclinations are often overriden by environmental factors.

However, OKCupid followed up with another analysis, asking the question ‘what if there were less white people?‘ how would the interracial messaging pan out then?

What they find is that the popularity of whites is distorted by the also overwhelming numbers of whites. When they recalulated a world with equivalent populations, but the current messaging habits, they find that Asians would be the most popular, followed by latinos, with whites being third, and even declining to last as age increases:

And here we see how many messages per month an individual would receive in this brave new world, compared to today’s world (lighter shade):

Finally, we see what the situation would look like if the racial bias were the same as it was today, but the numbers of people are equal. As you can see, all groups have a stronger preference for their own (especially Asians), and all find certain other ethnicities more or less appealing.

It seems as if, despite their claims to the contrary, minority groups are actually more racially selective than whites, although all groups have some preference for their own race.

Good luck post-racial world.

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