Because this is not a traditional blog site, and many of my posts are topics I  revisit and revise, I’m am organizing some of the larger posts here:

Race, Demographics, Crime, and Consequences:
Unequal distribution of crime
Racial stratification in America’s future

Human Biological Variation:
Rushton, Race, and sexual Behaviour
Rushton, Lynn, and black precociousness
Craniometrics, phylogeny, and race
Population differentiation in brain/skull structure
The fairer sex
Distribution of light hair and eyes in Europe (collection of maps)
Pygmies, life-history, and maturation
– Historical race maps

Sexual behaviour and attitudes
Rushton, Race, and sexual Behaviour
African mating patterns and STDs from a global perspective
Black music and misogyny

Interracial attraction / marriage:
Status and interracial marriage (stratification)

Burakumin and Koreans in Japan
Sex differences in intelligence
The end of race realism? (2nd generation immigrants and IQ)

Gender, Marriage, etc:
Monogamy and western civilization
Gender and attitudes towards immigration
Sex differences in intelligence
Hadza and height preference (height preferences for male partner much weaker in some African groups)
Family structure and inequality

Charity in the East (a history)
World Giving Index (contemporary worldwide comparisons in national charitability)
Religiosity and charity
Charity in 4 modern Asian countries

Reading the New Testament (things that make me skeptical)
Comparing Christianity & Judaism with surrounding cultures
Religiosity and charity

Ancient Quotations
– Ancient quotations: returning evil with good
– Ancient Quotations: the golden rule in positive form
Ancient quotations: equality

History of Science
Greek influence on Indian astronomy
Rise and fall of ancient natural science

Ancients and slavery: I guess they weren’t all bad
Jews and Gypsies
On the origins of inequality (I show why the roots of global inequality, including within country inequality, go back a long way)
Correlates of post-colonial development in Africa
Comments on Pinker’s history of violence
Early Contact Descriptions of Europeans

Picture (largely) posts:
– Interesting Churches (1,2,3)
Were the ancients Tasteless?
Floating Islands

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